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Saasland Changelog

Saasland Changelog

# v3.5.7

3.5.7 (02 Nov 2022)

  • Updated : Title bar banner ( custom post types)
  • Updated : Saasland Core plugin to (4.1.7) version)
  • Updated : Blog single style updated
  • Updated : Case study widget develop( Saasland-core )
  • Updated : scroll issue solved ( Saasland-core )
  • Updated : Tags option add in Portfolio Single
  • Updated : Outdated copies of some WooCommerce template
  • Fixed : PHP Fatal error for the previous version

# v3.5.6

21 September 2022

  • Updated: Title bar banner ( custom post types)
  • Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.1.6) version
  • Updated: Optimized Other theme settings

# v3.5.5

05 September 2022

  • Tweaked: Header Option (Theme Settings)
  • Fixed: Search Icon conflict between WooCommerce and Default Header.

# v3.5.4

01 September 2022

  • Tweaked: Pagination for Portfolio Widgets
  • Tweaked: Added "Parent Title" support Breadcrumb area.
  • Fixed: Ribbon Style Missing - Pricing Table Tab Carousel
  • Fixed: Case Study Archive - Banner Setting doesn't work (Theme Settings)
  • Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.1.5) version

# v3.5.3

23 August 2022

  • Fixed: Post Setting doesn't work for single blog post
  • Fixed: Action Button in the header - not working globally Theme Settings
  • Fixed: Button Target Doesn't Work - Custom Header - Navbar Widget
  • Fixed: Portfolio Social Share link issue
  • Removed: Saasland Map Removed instead of use Elementor map
  • Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.1.4) version

# v3.5.2

17 August 2022

  • Fixed: Domain Name Checker Elementor Widget
  • Fixed: Comments Form Responsive issue
  • Fixed: Blog Grid & Masonry Style issue
  • Fixed: Recent Post widget style issue sidebar
  • Fixed: Google Font ON/OFF Switcher
  • Fixed: Category & Tag Archive Banner issue
  • Fixed: Team section social link icon issue
  • Added: HubSpot CRM Plugin included
  • Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.1.3) version

# v3.5.1

06 July 2022

  • Fixed: Some Menu Options Theme Settings > Menu Setting
  • Fixed: Pricing Table Style four Button URL issue
  • Fixed: Search & Mini Cart icon options Theme Settings > Menu
  • Fixed: Compatible Elementor latest (3.6.7) version (deprecated responsive functions)
  • Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.1.1) version

# v3.5.0

22 June 2022

  • New: Added "Dark Mode" support for all the light demos
  • Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.1.0) version

# v3.4.9

16 June 2022

  • Fixed: WooCommerce Cart Page Issue
  • Fixed: WooCommerce Product Variant Issue

# v3.4.8

10 May 2022

  • Fixed: Upload footer background image (Under the Theme Settings)
  • Fixed: Data Analytics Demo contents import
  • Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.0.9) version

# v3.4.7

10 May 2022

  • Fixed: My Account page responsive issue.

# v3.4.6

24 Apr 2022

  • Tweaked: Removed unused CSS/JS code in order increase the loading speed
  • Fixed: ACF Meta Field not showing when child theme activated
  • Updated: outdated copies of some WooCommerce template
  • Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.0.8) version

# v3.4.5

31 Mar 2022

  • Updated: Compatible Elementor latest (3.6.1) version (deprecated functions)
  • Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.0.7) version

# v3.4.4

03 Mar 2022

  • New: Added 3 Homepages (Architecture, Business, Education)
  • Updated: outdated copies of some WooCommerce template
  • Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.0.6) version

# v3.4.3

25 Feb 2022

  • New: Added 2 Homepages (New - Saasland Main, Construction)
  • Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.0.5) version

# v3.4.2

18 Feb 2022

  • New: Added 3 Homepages (App Landing, Freelancer, Cyber Security)
  • Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.0.4) version.
  • Updated: Demo Contents

# v3.4.1

14 Jan 2022

  • Tweaked: Google Fonts ON/OFF switcher options (Theme Settings > Typography ).
  • Updated: Added Custom Font Uploader plugin
  • Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.0.3) version.

# v3.4.0

30 Dec 2021

  • New: Data Analytics demo
  • New: Design Agency demo
  • New: Footer Bottom (show/hide) option under the theme settings
  • Fixed: Countdown Elementor widget
  • Fixed: Pricing Table repeater button URL | Elementor widget
  • Tweaked: Deprecated functions of Redux Framework
  • Tweaked: Download section Elementor widget
  • Tweaked: Features Elementor widget
  • Tweaked: Header options
  • Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.0.2) version.

# v3.3.9

05 Dec 2021

  • Tweaked: Some animations (Theme settings > Animation
  • Fixed: Animated effect broken
  • Fixed: Menu hamburger issue
  • Fixed: Parallax Effect Hero Section (Style 11) Elementor Widget
  • Updated: Demo contents
  • Updated: Saasland Core plugin to (4.1) version.

# v3.3.8

25 Oct 2021

  • New: Added widgets (Process Pro, Team Pro, Testimonial Pro, Animated Title)
  • Fixed : Pricing Table tabs - button target not working
  • Fixed : Mobile menu parent link option
  • Fixed : Pricing Table center alignment dynamic option
  • Fixed : Overlay menu expanding issue
  • Fixed : Features widget style two - Themify Icon not working
  • Fixed : Pricing Table tabs - button link problems
  • Fixed : Team widget styles - link Issue
  • Fixed : Pricing Table tabs - ribbon color doesn't work
  • Fixed : App Hero - parallax animation background color Needed
  • Optimized : Some CSS and Javascript

# 3.3.7

18 Aug 2021

  • Update: WordPress 5.8 compatibility
  • Added: Service carousel card's border color settings
  • Fixed: Saasland animation setting
  • Fixed: Elementor motion effects
  • Fixed: Custom attributes not working on the Pricing Table buttons
  • Fixed: Appearance > Widgets area is blank when Redux plugin is active
  • Fixed: Features Widget color setting - image with icon with image background
  • Fixed: Icon in Features widget

# v3.3.6

14 July 2021

  • Fixed: Subtitle not appearing - Pricing Table - Style 01
  • Fixed: Border color not working (default and hover state) - Subscribe Form - Style 01
  • Fixed: Button styling - Call To Action
  • Fixed: Image ratio issue - Blog post - Style 01
  • Added: New tab style in Saasland Tab
  • Added: Custom link for Apply Job
  • Added: Improved Subscribe Form functionalities
  • Fixed: Color not working (Testimonial - Style 01)
  • Fixed: 'Portfolio Gallery Two' filter issue.
  • Fixed: Testimonial style isseu
  • Fixed: Console error - Home Marketing
  • Fixed: Review Payment Processing Hero
  • Fixed: Hero section css isseu
  • Fixed: Portfolio filter bug
  • Fixed: Outdated copies of some WooCommerce templates

# v3.3.5

22 May 2021

  • Fixed: Color & typography field Subscribe form - style 07
  • Fixed: Features with shapes dark (Image icon issue
  • Tweaked: Input field focus border color. Subscribe form - style 01
  • Tweaked: Default fonts load switch - Theme Options > Typography
  • Added: Droit Dark mode support css, js & function.
  • Fixed: Redirection from the dropdown menu over the blank parent menu.
  • Fixed: Responsive issue - Pricing Comparison widget

# v3.3.4

22 Mar 2021

  • Added: Droit Elementor Templating system
  • Added: Lordicon Interactive Icons
  • Added: Animated Icon widget
  • Added: Droit Addons For Elementor
  • Added: Droit Dark Mode
  • Tweaked: Horizontal tab background settings
  • Tweaked: Features vertical title icon background

# v3.0.3

19 March 2020

  • Navbar Elementor widget issues (fullwidth layout, infinite loop on canvas page template, action buttons spacing)
  • Fixed: Some styling issues caused by the previous version
  • Fixed: Image alt attribute not showing on Agency Colorful page
  • Fixed: Animation on Agency Colorful page
  • Fixed: Display only the admin name instead of showing the different Author name on the Author page's Title-bar
  • Fixed: Color options do not work from Theme Settings while the Child Theme activated
  • Tweaked: Hero Section (Style 04 - Dark) action button

# v3.0.2

16 March 2020

  • Tweaked: Header, Footer, Mega Menu excluded from the search result page
  • Tweaked: Hero Integration Elementor widget (color fields are added for changing the section background color).
  • Tweaked: Saasland Page Options > Banner Settings (Added fields- Background Type, Shape Image, Overlay Color)
  • Fixed: Hero Section - Style Two (background color not changing issue)

# v3.0.1

11 March 2020

  • Tweaked: Custom header now works from Page Options
  • Tweaked: Title Tag change option added to Hero Integration Elementor widget
  • New: Job attribute icon color change option added in Saasland Job Options
  • Fixed: Animation issue
  • Fixed: Sticky Menu active color not changing issue

# v3.0.0

19 February 2020

  • Fixed: Custom header hide option from Page Options > Banner
  • Fixed: Features Elementor widget error
  • Fixed: Footer background settings/li>
  • Fixed: App Hero Elementor widget buttons
  • li>New: Button Box Shadow option added to Call to Action with Image Elementor widget
  • New: Normal/Onepage Menu option added to the Saasland Page Options
  • Tweaked: The header.php file (re-organized the coding structure of header.php)
  • Tweaked: Background color field added to the Features with Shapes (Dark) Elementor widget
  • Tweaked: Minified some CSS files
  • Tweaked: Action button show in menu on mobile device

# v2.2.9

06 February 2020

  • Fixed: Critical PHP errors cased by the previous version 2.2.8

# v2.2.8

05 February 2020

  • Fixed: Some responsive issues
  • Fixed: Pricing Table - Style Two - button color issue
  • Fixed: Pricing Table 02 - URL target, nofollow settings
  • Fixed: Some rtl issues
  • Fixed: Custom header title
  • Tweaked: Disabled the Mega Menu post type archive
  • New: Read More text change option added to Theme Settings > Blog Settings > Blog Archive

# v2.2.7

31 January 2020

  • Fixed: Color options (issue: accent color is not changing on the shop pages)
  • Fixed: MailChimp Subscribe Form not working issue
  • Fixed: Pricing Table 02 - URL target, nofollow settings
  • Fixed: Some styling and responsive issues

# v2.2.6

24 January 2020

  • Fixed: PSD Download link
  • New: "Use Sticky Logo Only" option added in Theme Settings > Blog Settings > Header
  • New: "Sticky Menu Color" option added in Page Options
  • New: Select Menu list option added to the "Navbar" Elementor widget
  • New: Style Number fields group added to the "Process" Elementor widget
  • Tweaked: Made the Recent Post widget's post thumbnail image clickable
  • Fixed: Some responsive issues
  • Fixed: Screen Features Elementor widget's icon color field and added the Margin Around Title field

# v2.2.5

10 January 2020

  • New: Post Title Character Length field added in Recent Posts widget
  • New: Custom Post types enable/disable settings (Located in Theme Settings > Custom Post Types > Post Types)
  • New: Envato purchase verification added
  • New: Banner Options added to Portfolio single page
  • New: Text Color added to Banner Options (under Saasland page options)
  • New: Product Options (Header Options, Page Options, Banner Options) added to single Product page
  • Fixed: wooCommerce checkout fields customizer settings
  • Fixed: Saasland Elementor widget style not getting in Footer template on blog pages
  • Fixed: woCommerce Update Cart button not working on RTL mode
  • Fixed: Custom Footer styling issue on blog, single pages
  • Tweaked: Theme size reduced (kept the demo contents on our server).
  • Tweaked: Color settings (Job listing color, cart icon color will get from Accent color settings)

# v2.2.2

22 December 2019

  • Fixed: Version changelogs notice

# v2.2.1

22 December 2019

  • Fixed: Thumbnail Mega Menu scrolling issue
  • Fixed: Pricing Table 02 Elementor widget's Style 01 duration field missing.
  • Fixed: Hero Video Slides (located on the Home Digital Agency page) responsive issue
  • Fixed: "Stats Counter" Elementor widget counting issue
  • Fixed: wooCommerce checkout page field settings issue
  • Tweaked: Anchor tag will not show if title url is empty in "Features" Elementor widget

# v2.2.0

16 December 2019

  • New: Chat Homepage
  • New: Event Homepage
  • New: Style 12 (Chat) added to "Hero Section" Elementor widget
  • New: Style 13 (Event) added to "Hero Section" Elementor widget
  • New: "Parallax Images" Elementor widget
  • New: "Date Countdown" Elementor widget
  • New: Style Five (Event) added to "Pricing Table" Elementor widget
  • New: Style Two added to "Curve counter" Elementor widget
  • New: "Event Schedule Tabs" Elementor widget
  • Tweaked: Time Tracking Software homepage design changed

# v2.1.0

03 December 2019

  • New: Security Software demo
  • New: Tracking Software demo
  • Tweaked: Split page responsive
  • Fixed: Saasland Child theme style issues

# v2.0.7

01 December 2019

  • Tweaked: Comments (awaiting moderation comment, used Comment Walker class instead of the previous callback function.)
  • Tweaked: WooCommerce Checkout page style improved
  • Tweaked: Performance improved (set dependency for nice select plugin's JS, CSS files and split the shop.css with creating a individual CSS file checkout.css for checkout page)
  • Tweaked: "Button with Icon" Elementor widget (hover color change option added and some more icon libraries added)
  • Tweaked: "Serialized Features" ELementor widget (separator color change option added)
  • Fixed: Saasland OnePage demo's floating elements not not showing in Safari browser.
  • Fixed: "Call to Action" Elementor widget's background color
  • Fixed: Revolution Slider not importing on Web Hosting demo
  • Fixed: Checkout fields required/optional (name field make required and the company field required status gets from the Settings)

# v2.0.6

26 November 2019

  • Updated: Slider Revolution Plugin

# v2.0.5

20 November 2019

  • New: "Saasland Carousels" Elementor widgets with 6 different styles
  • New: Service Details Page
  • Tweaked: "Process" Elementor widget (improved color options and icon box shadow option added)
  • Tweaked: "Call to Action" Elementor widget (button color changing options for Style 03)
  • Tweaked: "Saasland Testimonials" Elementor widget (accent color change option added)
  • Tweaked: "Horizontal Tabs" Elementor widget (color change options added for Style One)
  • Tweaked: Menu Settings (hamburger menu color)
  • Tweaked: "Features" Elementor widget (Style Read More options added for Style 02)
  • Fixed: Product single page (php error fixed)
  • Fixed: Malware detected js file (multiscroll) replaced with the valid js file
  • New: Saasland Child version 1.1.2 (CSS enqueue issue fixed)
  • Removed: Blog Grid Elementor widget (since you can make it from Theme Settings > Blog Settings)
  • Updated: Advanced Custom Fields-pro to Version 5.8.7

# v2.0.0

09 November 2019

  • Tweaked: Menu settings
  • Tweaked: Typography settings
  • Tweaked: Theme Settings page style
  • Tweaked: Blog single full width in full width mode
  • Tweaked: Performance improved (CSS, JS files dependency have set)
  • New: "Job Settings > Styling" options added in the Theme Settings
  • New: "Style 11 (Demo Landing)" Hero style added to "Hero Section" Elementor widget
  • New: "Style Four (Demo Landing)" added in Testimonial with Ratting Elementor widget
  • New: "Support Board" plugin listed in Appearance > Install Plugins (recommended plugin).
  • Fixed: Onepage demo's design issue ("App Hero" and "Call to Action with Image" Elementor widget)
  • Fixed: SaasLand Child Theme (version 1.1.1)
  • Updated: WooCommerce outdated template files

# v1.9.9.5

05 November 2019

  • Tweaked: "Pricing Table 02" Elementor widget (re-organized and added some fields for more controlling)
  • Fixed: Fontawesome icon issue in Elementor widgets by Saasland
  • Fixed: "Screen Features" widget color issue
  • Tweaked: Deprecated the "Blog Grid" Elementor widget and improved the Blog Settings > Blog archive (Masonry layout added)
  • Tweaked: Optimized the theme performance (set file dependency and deleted unnecessary files)
  • Tweaked: Features Elementor widget
  • Tweaked: Theme Settings page

# v1.9.9

27 October 2019

  • New: Custom Font (now, user can add and apply unlimited custom fonts)
  • New: Support Board premium plugin included in the theme package.
  • New: Theme update notice (can be dismissed)
  • New: Post title length settings in Theme Settings
  • Tweaked: Demo import time reduced and re-organized
  • Tweaked: App Hero Elementor widget (unnecessary code deleted and other things fixed)
  • Tweaked: WooCommerce My Account page styling
  • Tweaked: Logo settings (now, the logo can be shown without uploading the retina logos)
  • Tweaked: 404 Error page settings
  • Tweaked: Screen Features Elementor widget (some color changing fields added)
  • Fixed: Pricing Table Tabs Carousel widget column and stying issues
  • Fixed: Some CSS issues

# v1.9.8

19 October 2019

  • Tweaked: Made the Domain Search Form dynamic
  • Tweaked: Agency Colorful page
  • New: Animation Settings in Theme Settings
  • New: Slug re-write settings in Theme Settings
  • Updated: Demo contents

# v1.9.7

16 October 2019

  • Fixed: Blog excerpt settings
    Tweaked: Screen Features widget (some color fields added)
  • Tweaked: Category filter option added to Blog widgets
  • Tweaked: rtl CSS
  • Tweaked: Menu depth label 4 support
  • New: Blog layout settings (Theme Settings > Blog Settings > Blog Archive)
  • New: Case Study page
  • New: Agency Colorful Homepage

# v1.9.6

09 October 2019

  • Tweaked: Blog excerpt settings
  • Tweaked: Hero SEO Elementor widget (background objects and title tag change option added)
  • Tweaked: Serialized Features (hover stats style change options added)
  • Tweaked: Subscribe Elementor widget (Form styling fields added for style 02, 04 and 08)
  • Tweaked: Features (style 01) Elementor widget (background wave colors change options added)
  • Fixed: Some CSS issues

# v1.9.5

07 October 2019

  • Tweaked: Default archive page removed from the Custom post types by Saasland
  • Fixed: Image Gallery Portfolio page
  • Fixed: Demo import issue
  • Updated: Demo contents

# v1.9.4

02 October 2019

  • Tweaked: Filterable Portfolio (color fields)
  • Tweaked: Performance improved (total size of a page is reduced)
  • Tweaked: Some responsive issues
  • Fixed: Title-bar banner not showing on activating custom Header.
  • Fixed: Screen Features (Style 03) accordion multiple placements in a page
  • Fixed: Video Poster Image of Featured Video widget
  • Fixed: Portfolio Filter Colo

# v1.9.3

18 September 2019

  • Fixed: Hero POS owl carousel js not loading issue
  • New: 2 home pages - Analytics Software and Support
  • Updated: Demo contents
  • Updated: ACF Plugin

# v1.9.2

16 September 2019

  • Fixed: Saasland Page Options
  • Fixed: Header Top settings
  • Fixed: Testimonial with Ratting widget subtitle field

# v1.9.1

12 September 2019

  • Fixed: Split Homepage responsive issue
  • Fixed: Menu color settings
  • New: Overlay Menu settings (under Theme Settings > Menu Settings)
  • Updated: Language File

# v1.9.0

09 September 2019

  • Updated: ACF plugin to Version 5.8.3
  • Updated: The "Outdated WooCommerce template files"
  • New: Split Homepage
  • New: Hamburger Menu (on Split Screen page)
  • Tweak: Floating image changing options added in the Elementor widgets
  • Tweak: CSS files optimized (unnecessary CSS code removed)

# v1.8.7

19 Aug 2019

  • Tweak: Hosting Slider
  • Tweak: Processes widget (show dashed line for 5 process items)
  • Tweak: Removed some unused CSS code in order increase the loading speed
  • Fixed: Some responsive issues
  • Fixed: Sticky menu item color option
  • Fixed: Popup Search Form
  • Fixed: Checkout page's accept terms and condition checkbox
  • Fixed: Single blog post metaboxes (Banner show/hide, page options)
  • Fixed: Features Elementor Widget
  • Updated: Language files (Saasland theme and Saasland Core plugin)

# v1.8.6

06 Aug 2019

  • Fixed: Service Icon
  • Fixed: Some PHP errors of Saasland Core plugin
  • Fixed: Fixed demo issue caused by the previous version
  • New: Revolution slider used in the Hosting demo
  • Updated: Demo Contents
  • Tweak: Order By option added to Filterable Portfolio
  • Tweak: Theme size reduced (moved the third party plugins to our server)
  • Tweak: Section padding responsive control added in Saasland Elementor Widgets
  • New: Three (3) Homepage Demos (POS, Hosting, ERP)
  • Fixed: Theme update issue
  • Fixed: Default header template selection
  • Tweak: Mobile Menu

# v1.8.4

27 July 2019

  • New: Post meta options added to Blog Settings
  • Tweak: Onepage demo's Elementor widgets
  • Tweak: Some Elementor Widgets
  • Tweak: Header top (separator color option added)
  • Tweak: Some SEO optimizations (removed blank anchor tags)
  • Updated: The language file (saasland.pot)
  • Fixed: Service and Job icon fields

# v1.8.3

18 July 2019

  • Fixed: SaasLand Core Plugin update

# v1.8.2

16 July 2019

  • Fixed: Elementor template view page
  • Fixed: Video widget play button
  • Fixed: Disabling the sticky menu on RTL mode
  • Fixed: Not showing the Mega menu on logout mode
  • Fixed: Service post Icon field
  • Fixed: Menu on mobile device
  • Fixed: Some responsive issues
  • New: Elementor widget "Pricing Table Tabs with Carousel"
  • Updated: Language file (saasland.pot)

# v1.8.1

01 July 2019

  • Fixed: Menu (Adding menu item, Open link in a new tab)
  • Tweak: OnePage demo design
  • Updated: Demo Contents

# v1.8.0

25 June 2019

  • Tweak: "Processes" Elementor widget
  • Tweak: "Team" Elementor widget
  • Tweak: Gutenberg compatibility
  • Tweak: Theme Settings (Header Settings, Menu Settings)
  • Tweak: WooCommerce Account Page design
  • Fixed: "Navbar" Elementor widget not showing before get sticky
  • Fixed: "Slider" Elementor widget's background gradient color changing
  • Fixed: Quote post format view in Blog page.
  • New: OnePage Demo
  • New: OnePage navigation support
  • New: Breadcrumb show/hide option in Theme settings > Header Settings > Title-bar
  • Updated: Language file

# v1.7.1

26 May 2019

  • New: Typography Settings
  • New: Menu Settings
  • Tweak: Other Theme Settings
  • Tweak: Gutenberg compatibility
  • Fixed: MailChimp forms

# v1.7.0

11 May 2019

  • Fixed: Menu item duplication and renaming issues
  • Fixed: PHP error at /inc/filter_actions.php on line 45
  • Fixed: Wishlisht page design
  • Fixed: The main Logo despairs on selecting 404 error page (style 2)
  • Fixed: Saasland Child (version 1.1.0) theme’s style issues (applied css file dependency)
  • Fixed: Styling issues in some sections
  • Updated: ACF Pro 5.7.13 and Saasland Core 1.7
  • Updated: Demo contents
  • New: App 01, App 02 and Shop homepages
  • New: Alerts page (
  • New: 16 New Elementor Widgets (those are used in the new pages)
  • New: Features Pricing Table Elementor widget
  • New: FAQ custom post type and FAQ Tabs Elementor widget
  • Tweak: Product Single Page’s style
  • Tweak: Menu Action Button show on mobile
  • Tweak: Speed performance (maintained dependency for all files)
  • Tweak: Column field added to Pricing Table Elementor widget

# v1.6.0

25 April 2019

  • New: Full RTL Support
  • New: 404 Error Settings
  • New: 404 Page - new style
  • Tweak: Title HTML tag and color changing fields are added to some Elementor widgets
  • Updated: WooCommerce outdated templates
  • Updated: Demo contents (made them lighter)
  • Updated: Language files
  • Fixed: Mega Menu php errors
  • Fixed: Counter widget counting function
  • Fixed: The Elementor’s “Argument #2 is not an array” error

# v1.5.0

23 April 2019

  • New: Gutenberg Compatibility
  • New: WPML integrated
  • New: Blog Grid Masonry page
  • New: Home Company
  • Tweak: Title HTML tag and some color changing fields are added to Elementor widgets
  • Updated: Demo Contents

# v1.4.0

12 April 2019

  • Fixed: Header Sticky settings
  • Fixed: Error on activating the theme (v_1.3.0)
  • Fixed: Subscribe Form widget MailChimp integration
  • Fixed: Mini Cart responsive issue
  • Updated: WooCommerce outdated template
  • New: Search Form icon on the header (Theme Settings > Header Settings)
  • New: Header Top Settings (Theme Settings > Header Settings > Header Top)
  • New: Image Pre-loader option added to Theme Settings > Preloader Settings
  • New: Shop excluded demo
  • Tweak: Mini Cart visibility settings moved to Theme Settings > Header Settings

# v1.3.0

10 April 2019

  • Tweak: Tweak Services & Features with Shapes section
  • Tweak: Hide Mini Cart on empty
  • Fixed: Mega Menu PHP errors and effect on other menus
  • Tweak: Some Elementor Widget settings
  • New: Blog Grid Elementor widget
  • Updated: Demo Contents

# v1.2.0

04 April 2019

  • New: Color Option (Theme Settings > Colors)
  • New: Mega Menu
  • New: Child Theme included
  • New: Custom Header post type
  • New: Custom Footer post type
  • New: Header Sticky Enable/Disable option
  • New: Footer Column choose option
  • Fixed: Some Theme Settings
  • Fixed: Features with Image (White) section’s button color changing
  • Tweak: Deleted some unnecessary settings
  • Updated: Saasland Core plugin to 1.2 version
  • Updated: Language files (.pot)
  • Updated: Demo Contents

# v1.1.0

28 March 2019

  • New: WooCommerce support support enabled
  • Updated: Language file (.pot file)
  • Updated: Demo Contents
  • Updated: Saasland Core plugin to 1.1

# v1.0.0

26 March 2019

  • Initial release
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