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I realized I had found something
that was missing from every other school that I’d looked at — I loved how passionate everybody was about Saasland.

Justin McKenzie

  • Customer Support
  • Design Quality
  • Feature Availability
  • Flexibility

Great theme with great support. If something does not work (which can happen, it's totally normal), the team does their best to resolve any issues asap. 10/10, would recommend!


A very easy to use theme, the page is very beautiful. Easy to edit. The technical support staff can also quickly solve some of the problems I encountered, thank you!


This is a fantastic theme and enabled us to get our website up and running in very little time without having a web developer background. The documentation was clear, and it was easy to adjust the theme to suit our needs. I have reached out a few times to the support team with questions and have always received a timely response and have never had to provide more than two interactions to get my questions answered or issues resolved.


This theme is one of the best in current market what you can find for your business web, weather you are an agency or a startup, It covers all!. the elements & blocks are as awesome and customizable. Support is also top notch. Recommended.


I purchased because of the product. I stayed because of the service. I really like the theme for my SaaS company website. It is modern and functional. However, as is true with lots of technology, bugs happen. The true measure of a product is how well the company will support their product and make improvements. I have to say that the support team at Droit has been great. Feedback is timely and they are quick to implement custom suggestions or provide product updates regularly. If you're intrigued by any of their products, rest assured that you will be well taken care of with top notch service!


The customer support has been fantastic. They are there to help in any way to make our website come to life.


Sayemur from DroitThemes has been very helpful even with a problem that probably surpasses their responsibility, repairing and help me to get my site back with the great Saasland theme working. Saasland is a very nice theme and only their support owes these five stars.


This is simply an amazing theme with beautiful widgets and designs. Even tho I mainly one demo I did pick something from everything to make my own and turned out beautifully. Customer Support is awesome, they provide quick and easy instructions if stuck or need help with a bug/feature. Its extremely rare you get an amazing product plus amazing customer support but this is the case here.


Great design/framework and fantastic support.


Very good design, i have the HTML version too, futuristic touch, keep rocking guys.


Beautiful theme and very customizable. Great support too!!!


Very nice theme design with many examples and Helpfully Support Team. Small bugs exists and improvements possible as usual but can be fixed with css or basic wp knowledge (We provide all details to author and he promised to fix that in next version) at end we successfully made website in few days. Thanks!


The design is super nice and support helps me a lot even I have some special requests. They also friendly and tried to help me 🙂 Thank DroitTheme to create an awesome item 🙂


Beautiful design themes, a large selection, it would be nice if you added telecommunications - VoIP. I wish you success in sales!


The very first day when I was searching around for high quality themes at an affordable cost, I found Saasland and fell in love with it. I must say its so beautiful and a great theme for every user


This is a great theme for SAAS companies. There is an issue with the sign up and sign in pages. You won't be able to edit the form fields, other than that it's a great theme


web site very good but mobile friendly not good. they have to work all mobile friendly




On top of the mentioned reason, customer support has been fantastic as well.


for me its one of the best templates i ever used... its perfect for a little or even super high company


Amazing template !! Very simple to use and very powerfull. I love it, no bug, beautiful,... Thank you !


Excellent theme. Can be customized easily. All demos work flawlessly, had no issues what so ever. Very easy to customize aspects, a very good template to build on top of.


very good theme .. i'm loving it


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